Anti Spam Policy

It is a violation of the license agreement to send unsolicited email with any AdBlastTheWorld Product.

Notice of Responsibility to all AdBlastTheWorld product users:

DO NOT SEND UNSOLICITED EMAIL, SMS, MAIL or Phone Calls. Be aware that you are solely responsible for the messages you send. In many cases sending unsolicited EMAIL, SMS, MAIL or Phone Calls (AKA Spam) is in violation of the law, and you will be solely accountable and liable for damages and violations.

We reserve the right to refuse technical support and/or other services if you:

1. Send unsolicited EMAIL, SMS, MAIL or Phone Calls; or
2. You hijack a mail server relay; or
3. Distribute illegal information or materials; or
4. Forge header information; or
5. Put false or misleading information in the subject; or
6. Fail to provide a means for unsubscribing from your lists

The AdBlastTheWorld range of products was developed to help people run and manage their email marketing campaigns. We will never tolerate the use of these products to facilitate the sending of spam messages. 

If you do receive spam that you believe originated from an AdBlastTheWorld Product user, please forward the message with full headers (very important) to, so that we can investigate the matter further. Should the spam complaint be valid we will report them to the various anti-spam agencies, black list them from receiving future products and technical support from us. If you have any queries relating to our anti-spam/abuse policies then please contact us - 

If you require further information or help regarding spam please check out - this is a fantastic site which includes help for Recipients, Marketers, Sysadmins, and legal professionals.

If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions please contact us -